Storming opening session at County

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For weeks now, The County Sessions have been teasing us with their social media lead up, announcing possible performers and with the promise of a magician; I was more than excited to head to the The County Bar in Chesterfield.

First up was Out On The Couch, their very first gig included Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’; a song covered by a lot of bands, with their own spin on the passionate plea written by the seventies psychedelic rock band.

Out On The Couch performed a flawlessly cool set, given that it

was their very first gig together they performed pretty smoothly. The harmonica was a great touch to a simple rock and roll set.

Acorn Roots brought a folksy tone to the night, their sound is nonchalant and breezy. They have that perfect ‘charm appeal’; which manages to get that foot tapping into a unconscious desire to dance.

Acorn Roots have grafted to create a beautiful, hearty sound.

Whiskey Bob Shaker is honestly one of my favourite artists to come from Chesterfield, Acorn Roots have the hearty tone, but Whiskey Bob has that raw, classic sound that brought the night right down to an intimate affair. His song ‘Fire’ is beautiful, I’ve watched Whiskey Bob a few times - from his complete set up of percussion and loops, to the one man, one guitar set - and he fits both down to a T. His performance always leaves an audience feeling pretty mellow and satisfied.

Next up was Marv White, similar to Whiskey Bob he was an acoustic songwriter, who had a blues swag about his sound. 
Unsurprisingly because he’s usually playing with ‘Marv White Blues Band’, but for tonight he went alone and played a fun and uplifting set.

To round off the night, Poor Grammar played a tornado of a set, their cool and eclectic rock and roll had the crowd head over heels. 
The four piece are oozing with talent and sophistication and really put on a show.

Leaving the County crowd exhilarated and partying into the night,Poor Grammar aren’t your typical ‘pub band’; they’re kooky and original.

Overall The County Sessions were a huge success, the next session will be May 8.