Suave and eclectic rock and rollers

Trudy Sings The Blues
Trudy Sings The Blues

This is not the first time Trudy Sings The Blues have graced these pages.

They were runners-up in last year’s DT Band Of The Year, and their gig at Joplins earned the lads a spectacular following with their eclectic suave rock and roll.

The trio still haven’t cemented a definite style. It sounds like rock and roll, with the dash of the indie roots of the Arctic Monkeys, but Trudy Sings The Blues have a sprinkling of the sixties about them

Their Sexy Sexy Disco EP has little disco in at all, instead it’s packed with their self proclaimed ‘lo-fi garage rock’.

‘She’s Fine But She Ain’t You’ is beautiful, the record is still stuffed with the angst and bitter tones of previous EPs. Yet it’s a matured, sincere angst; as displayed in the opening track which recalls a known subject to us all; remembering a former lover in comparison to all future lovers. Trudy’s sound is equipped perfectly.

‘How To Treat A Lady’ is a seductive reminisce, each of the instruments highlighted. You don’t just hear the vocals, you get the intricate rock and roll soundings of the guitar, the beats that hold the whole song together flawlessly. The boys might not know how to treat a lady, but they know how to get them hooked on their music.

‘Why I Oughta’ is a sure throw back to the sixties style, energetic and pumped with the vocals of Oliver Taylor. Vocals that seize you, take you back to their room, treat you to a nice film and it’s inevitable that you’ll want to hear more.