Sylvian’s tour is off

David Sylvian
David Sylvian

David Sylvian has had to cancel his UK tour due to injury and will therefore not be appearing at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, on March 27.

After sustaining a lower back injury, David Sylvian has made the decision to cancel his forthcoming UK tour.

A statement from David Sylvian said: “Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for the kind thoughts, expressed for my wellbeing. It buoys my spirits to know that so much positive energy is being sent my way. I’ve been talking over re-scheduling dates for my tour with those involved in the production.

“There was an opportunity to put some dates in place in October of this year but without the majority of the musicians involved in the original tour. On top of this, I felt concerned that my health might still be in some doubt at that point in time and therefore worried about a second cancellation, something that, we can all agree, might test the patience of everyone involved. My sincerest apologies if you feel I’m letting you down and my even greater gratitude for your ongoing support.”

Tickets will be refunded from the point of purchase. For ticket queries call 0115 9895555.