Traitor’s Gate rock out at Real Time Live

Traitor's Gate - photo by Roy Goodall
Traitor's Gate - photo by Roy Goodall

Superlatives are aplenty when one checks out quality local bands, and they don’t come much better than Chesterfield gang Traitor’s Gate.

Having seen this likable fivesome before I knew what to expect, though at Chesterfield’s Real Time Live they freshened up the set list, which made the experience even more enjoyable.

The engine was soon running smoothly for Traitor’s Gate as frontman and guitarist Rick Gilliat smiled and sang his heart out on some cracking rock tunes that we have all come to love and admire.

It was nice to hear the not-so-obvious as well, namely Don’t Say It’s Over by Gun for one, which I felt suited the band perfectly.

As did the set-closer for the intermission, Iron Maiden’s hugely popular Hallowed Be Thy Name.

With additional guitars blazing, courtesy of Graham Brown and Phil May the lads rocked on as part two kicked off with the Cult classic Rain and Ozzy’s Bark At The

Moon, which highlighted very nicely how well these three instruments work.

As with every great band bassist Dave Hewitt and drummer Paul Rowbottom kept the beats pounding, even when the pace slowed for Thunder’s Love Walked In and

Heaven & Hell, which got a huge audience reaction, much to the delight of all on stage.

Queensryche are very rarely covered by anyone, so it was refreshing to hear Silent Lucidity which, to be honest, I’ve can’t even remember hearing.

No rock covers band on the planet would fail to omit AC/DC from their repertoire though, and Sin City kept the throng happy.

It’s hard work keeping life and soul together, what with all the trials and tribulations that happen on a daily basis, and when you throw into that mix the extra hours practise it takes keeping a rock band together, it shows the dedication these lads have.

Traitor’s Gate put on a fantastic show, really embraced the audience, and to keep putting on stunning performances like this year in year out, high praise is the least they deserve.