Viva’s world premieres

Derby-based professional orchestra Sinfonia Viva has joined forces with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in Australia, the the Borletti-Buitoni Trust (BBT) and the Fidelio Trust to co-commission an exciting new work, which will have its world premiere in Derby on March 19.

Breaking Silence, composed by Fraser Trainer, is a new concerto for orchestra and O Duo percussionists Oliver Cox and Owen Gunnell, and is O Duo’s second major work created with funds from a BBT Special Commissioning Award.

The world premiere of the concert will be conducted by dynamic young Hungarian Gergely Madaras at the Assembly Rooms on March 19 at 7.30pm, with a chance to hear from the conductor and O Duo in a special ‘Talking Music’ audience session beforehand at 6.30pm.

The commission will then be performed by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on May 30 at Melbourne Town Hall.

The stirring programme at the Assembly Rooms also includes Haydn’s Symphony No.3 Drumroll and Beethoven’s Symphony No.3 Eroica, while in Melbourne Breaking Silence in May is part of the orchestra’s Meet the Orchestra Education Week featuring O Duo and Fraser Trainer in a range of musical events and programmes including BIG BANG! for orchestra and audience.

Sinfonia Viva chief executive Peter Helps said: “We were delighted to been involved in co-commissioning this exciting work by Fraser Trainer and to work again with O Duo who are certainly making their mark both home and abroad.

“We are particularly excited that the world premiere of Breaking Silence will be in Derby and that this will be the second world premiere for us in two days with new work commissioned by Anna Meredith being performed at the Assembly Rooms on March 21 as part of the Orchestra’s spring education residency Moon.

“The orchestra has a long standing commitment to commissioning new work but to perform two world premieres in one week has to be a first for us.

“These occasions will be made even more special by having the composers join us in Derby. And the international collaboration with colleagues in Australia as well as the opportunity for the audience to meet O Duo beforehand for to learn more about this piece will make the premiere of Breaking Silence an evening to remember for us all.”