RECIPE: Pan-fried mackerel with a kick

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Pan-fried mackerel with a kick is this month’s recipe from award-winning chef Robert Stordy, who lectures on the University of Derby Buxton’s BA (Hon) Professional Culinary Arts degree.

Horseradish or wasabi turns up the heat on the main ingredient, with apple and fennel to balance.

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4 mackerel fillets cut in half

1 small fennel

1 apple- pink lady or Cox’s, cored

100ml sour cream

½ tsp wasabi paste or horseradish sauce

Little oil for frying

Salt and mill pepper

20g pine nuts, dry roasted


1)Cut the fennel and apple into 1cm cubes or grate. Mix in the sour cream and wasabi, season lightly.

2)Season the mackerel fillets and fry in a little hot oil for about ½ minute on both sides until light golden brown .

3)Place a spoonful of the salad on a plate and top with two half mackerel fillets.

4)Garnish with pine nuts and decorate with fresh herbs; parsley, fennel or dill.


You can also use ready smoked mackerel fillets, just warm them through in a hot oven or under the grill.
Fresh salmon works well as an alternative

A 75g cooked portion of mackerel provides 171 calories and is high in omega-3 fats.