Review: Classic thriller season goes out with a bang

Murder Weapon at Nottingham Theatre Royal
Murder Weapon at Nottingham Theatre Royal

A suspect with a gun in his hand, a reliable witness, even a confession of sorts. An open and shut case.

Or is it? New chief constable Jessica Bligh isn’t so sure – and she’s the reliable witness.

Murder Weapon, Brian Clemens’ twisty tale of murder, corruption and confusion, concludes Tabs Productions’ Classic Thriller Season at Nottingham Theatre Royal, and they certainly go out with a bang. Or two. Maybe even three.

Karen Henson treads the boards as Jessica, ex-army, brisk and determined, with Michael Sherwin in fine form as her dubious sidekick.

Jacqueline Gilbride gives another excellent performance as tragic widow Diane; Andrew Ryan is her murdered lover (or is he?) and Alan Magor is a clever psychiatrist (or is he?).

The twists and turns keep coming, and through them all chief suspect Charley (a masterclass in disturbed, twitchy confusion from Jeremy Lloyd Thomas) protests his innocence.

The whole season has been great, and this is the best of the lot. It runs till Saturday, and the thriller season is back next year.