Review: CodFellas serves up a whopping fish and chip supper

Fish and chips from CodFellas on Newbold Road, Chesterfield
Fish and chips from CodFellas on Newbold Road, Chesterfield

You’d have to go far to find a fish and chip supper that would batter the whopper served up at CodFellas.

A large of slab of fish and four belly-busting scoops of chips satisfies the hungriest of appetites and won’t break the bank at a reasonable £5.90.

All that it breaks is a resolve to maintain an ultra-healthy, low fat eating regime!

My diet took a bit of a wobble on the way home from work one Monday. I was hit by a hankering for chips - not the oven variety which you heat up at home but the real deal from the chip shop.

The clincher was the sight of three teenagers wandering along Newbold Road stuffing their faces with fries and the pungent smell of vinegar as they passed by.

Try as I might, I couldn’t resist stepping over the threshold of CodFellas and into chip shop heaven.

Antonio, the lone assistant, was polite and efficient, asking me whether I wanted the small fish and chips at £4 or its pricier big brother. Mushy peas had to be part of the meal too and these came in pots of varying sizes with the medium costing £1.

Fish supper ordered for the man of the house, I turned my attention to my meal. I opted for the must-have battered sausage which came in two sizes. Like the fish supper, four generous scoops of chips were added to the big banger making for a plentiful portion at £2.70.

Unwrapping the parcels of food at home, we were amazed at just how much food there was - more than enough for the two of us and plenty of titbits for a very spoiled cat.

The chips were some of the finest that I’d had from a local outlet, crispy on the outside just as they should be. The mushy peas were a bit dry and not as flavoursome as my partner likes.

We both found the batter lacking in crunch and a lot less golden than we were used to.

It was only later when I was doing some research on CodFellas that I discovered the shop offers gluten-free fish and chips on Mondays and Thursdays, making the meal suitable for anyone with a wheat intolerance, such as coeliacs.

Tuesdays are the bargain days for fish and chips at CodFellas which offer a half-price deal on the meal.

If battered fish or meat is not to your taste, then CodFellas has a range of burgers, kebabs, jacket potatoes.

Family meals and children’s portions mean appetites big and small are covered.

But can any other takeaway in town top the size of the portion shown in our photo?

The chip shop challenge starts here...


77 Newbold Road,


S41 7PY, tel. 01246 235615

Food: 3

Speed: 4

Service: 4

Value: 5