Review: Elizabeth Shaw’s Mint Crisp Collection Easter egg

Elizabeth Shaw eggs
Elizabeth Shaw eggs

Why should the kids have all the chocolate eggs this Easter?

If you’re feeling in need of a naughty but nice pick-me-up, treat yourself to a chocolate feast that’s strictly for adults.

Elizabeth Shaw’s Mint Crisp Collection is a sophisticated Easter egg that your little chicks should leave mum and dad to enjoy all on their own.

The muted white and green packaging is classy but is not eye-catching with its white pebble-dashed effect and green banding.

Take off the gold wrapping and you’ll find an egg which is dark chocolate. The chocolate isn’t the best I’ve tasted but does has a pleasantly intense cocoa after-taste.

Like all good eggs, the best is in the middle, which houses 24 discs of mint-flavour chocolate.

Half the foil-wrapped circles of solid chocolate are dark, half are milk chocolate, so, be warned, the latter might tempt any chldren who like the flavour of mint.

Elizabeth Shaw’s large Mint Crisp Collection Easter egg is on sale in major supermarkets until April 19, 2014, priced £9.99.

Happy Easter, chocaholics!