Steampunk Day at Crich Tramway Village

Steampunks Day at Crich Tramway Village
Steampunks Day at Crich Tramway Village

For the uninitiated, steampunk is a movement of creativity and imagination, bringing together a combination of Victorian inspiration with modern technologies,

This feast of alternative history combined with science fantasy will be celebrated in a Steampunk Day at Crich Tramway Village on Saturday, October 7.

Events during the day include ‘Tea Duelling’ where two Steampunks dip biscuits into cups of tea with the winner judged as having the biscuit which lasts the longest; a Great Tram Un-robbery, which involves steampunks giving sweets to visitors riding on trams; a display featuring Sandra and her snakes and entertainment from singer and guitarist ‘Lone Dog’.

There will be a range of exhibitors selling steampunk merchandise in the exhibition hall.

The public will be given the opportunity to vote for the best dressed steampunk of the day, for which there will be a prize.

All this along with the usual vintage trams running during the day, the exhibitions, woodland walk and sculpture trail.

Event co-ordinator Karen Willis said: “It’s a great family day out with innocent and unusual fun. If you are coming dressed as a steampunk, you can pre-book to get special admission rates.”

The event starts at 10am and runs until 4pm. The last tram ride will be at 5pm. For more information visit: