The Pantaloons to present Bleak House in Buxton

The Pantaloons present Bleak House
The Pantaloons present Bleak House

A fog-filled adventure in Victorian London is on its way to Buxton Pavilion Arts Centre.

The Pantaloons will present their adaptation of Charles Dickens’ darkly comic masterpiece Bleak House on Sunday, November 9, at 7.30pm.

When a dead body is discovered in Mr Krook’s Rag-and-Bone shop, a web of mysteries starts to untangle with far-reaching consequences.

The Pantaloons have adapted the piece for stage in their own inimitable style. Using five actor-musicians to bring a cast of over 50 characters to life, the play combines love, skulduggery and spontaneous combustion!

The Opera House is also offering a beginner’s Clowning & Physical Comedy Workshop to complement the production on Wednesday.November 5. Working with national touring company The Gramophones, attendees will practice the art of physical comedy.

Tickets for Bleak House cost £11 and £14 with discuounts available. Contact 0845 127 2190 or