A comic look into the future

Henceforward, by Alan Ayckbourn
Henceforward, by Alan Ayckbourn

ALan Ayckbourn’s play Henceforward, offering a comic look into the future, is to be performed at Derby’s Guildhall Theatre on Saturday. September 24.

The Define Theatre group is currently touring the country with this production, a futuristic farce from the prolific mind of one our greatest living playwrights.

Henceforward tackles the following question: what makes us human?

With his family and his inspiration gone, Jerome Watkins is a desperate man.

Barricaded in his flat against a riotous world, and devoid of human contact, all this lonely composer has for company are a malfunctioning android housekeeper and some very strange ideas. Can he regain what matters the most?

Come and find out the answer in Henceforward.

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets to see it are £10 (£8 concessions). Call the box office for more details on 01332 255800.