A new show from Newman

Comedian, journalist, novelist and activist Rob Newman brings his latest show, Rob Newman’s New Theory of Evolution, to Derby’s Guildhall Theatre on September 20.

Throw out the text books and take down the evolution of man posters, after seven years away from the stage, Rob Newman returns with a brand new show telling us how it really is.

Arguing that cooperation drives evolution more than competition, Rob details the 150-year controversy in evolutionary theory, exploring how the latest science demonstrates DNA is not destiny.

Rob Newman said: “Natural history is so full of freaky facts that when you tackle the complexity, you find that there is a wealth of detail, oodles of oddity which lend themselves to comedy.”

The author of four novels, Rob Newman’s TVcredits include Newman & Baddiel In Pieces and The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

For ticket details for this show, you can call the box office on 01332 255800.