Anti-slavery theme for play to be performed in Mansfield

Nine Parts a Quaker - Unfinished Business is an updated version of a play by the performers (Arthur Pritchard and Mike Casey) in 2007, to mark the bicentenary of the abolition of slavery.

Intercut with stories of modern slavery, it tells the story of Thomas Clarkson, who devoted his life to the 40-year fight to end the misery of slavery. It will be performed at the Friends Meeting House, Rosemary Street, on Sunday, to celebrate the start of Quaker Week.The performance begins at 2pm. All are welcome. There is no charge but organisers are asking for donations to Anti-Slavery International.

A spokesman for the event said: “If the 19th century abolished slavery, why are more than 20 million people enslaved today? The work of Clarkson, Wilberforce and others remains unfinished; human trafficking and indentured labour are widespread. Is there anything ordinary people can do to break the chains? The play asks the questions -but the audience must provide the answers.”

Plain Quakers Theatre Projects is a theatrical partnership founded in 2007. It has linked up with Anti-Slavery International to raise funds against modern slavery of all kinds. Donations to this vital cause can be made online by going to