Chalk circle is drawn again

The Caucasian Chalk Circle, one of the most important pieces of theatre of the 20th century will be onstage at Buxton Opera House on March 3 and 4 from 7.30pm.

The Caucasian Chalk Circle was written in 1944 while Bertolt Brecht was living in the USA and is loosely derived from the 14th century Chinese play Circle of Chalk. It is now one of Germany’s most performed plays.

First presented by the National Theatre in 1997, Frank McGuinness’s version of this morality masterpiece is now brought to life by Blackeyed Theatre. After sacrificing everything to protect a child abandoned in the heat of civil war, Grusha, a servant girl, is made to confront the boy’s biological mother in a legal contest over who deserves to keep him. The judge calls on an ancient tradition - the chalk circle - to resolve the dispute.

The show will combine brilliant, original live music, stunning design and captivating ensemble performances.

Tickets are priced from £11 to £15 and discounts are available. Call the box office on 0845 127 2190 or buy online at