Chilling double bill hits stage at Guildhall

New Perspectives Theatre Company will be performing Watching The Living at Derby’s Guildhall Theatre on September 9-10, starting at 7.30pm.

This Daphne du Maurier double bill has been adapted for the stage by Jane Upton and is being directed by Jack McNamara. A chilling discovery, a terrible secret, these two classic stories combine to make one spine-tingling evening.

After the death of his wife, a long suffering husband feels a sense of freedom for the first time in years. But not for long. The apple tree in the garden has begun to flourish; growing and twisting into a macabre and all too familiar shape…

While on holiday, a bored and neglected housewife begins a frivolous love affair with a local photographer. What began as a harmless distraction soon becomes all-consuming. As his obsession grows, the only way out pushes her to the extreme… Daphne Du Maurier’s atmospheric short stories about the mystery of love, life and desire are vividly brought to life on stage, a testament to why she remains one of the greatest authors of modern literature.

Tickets are priced at £13, available on 01332 255800.