Christine has tales to tell in show at Cromford

Acclaimed storyteller Christine McMahon will be entertaining guests in the Gothis Warehouse at Cromford Mills on Friday, August 1, with suspenseful stories from her own backyard.

Her stories have a characteristic northern wit and the show - entitled On Tenterhooks - draws on the industrial history of Yorkshire and Lancashire mill towns with obvious links to the textile heritage at Cromford Mills.

Born to a Lancashire father and a Yorkshire mother, Christine has lived her life on both sides of the crags, where the rocks of Lancashire and Yorkshire frown in close but blameless proximity.

On Tenterhooks has been described as ‘folktales with the occasional sheep!’

The Oxford English Dictionary describes the phrase as being ‘in a state of suspense’ and Christine will certainly keep her audience On Tenterhooks for the evening.

This event is suitable for adults, plus children aged seven and over. Tickets cost just £12 and, with limited places available, advanced booking is highly recommended by contacting 01629 825995, emailing reception@arkwrightsociety.org.uk or calling in to the reception/shop at Cromford Mills.