Clowning fun for all ages

Sandow Theatre Clowns
Sandow Theatre Clowns

The popular Sandow Clowns Slapstick Theatre show is appearing at the Ripley Leisure Centre on Sunday, September 28.

There will be one performance, starting at 2pm and lasting for 80 minutes.

Tickets are available from 30 minutes prior to the performance at one price of £3.50 for adults and children aged three years and over. It is free admission for all children of two years and under.

Since 2005, the show has toured with an all-profit Covenant agreement to the national charity CLIC Sargent (Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood), and after all running costs it has donated £25,000, up to last April.

Sandow Clowns Slapstick Theatre play the large civic theatres throughout the UK and also smaller venues to bring the best of clean comedy to children everywhere.

You can expect stilt walking, hilarious participation, a comedy musical car, balancing, juggling and classic clean clowning. Call the information line for more on 0796 993 3236.