Doug’s looking for mindreading star for his show

Doug Segal
Doug Segal

Doug Segal brings his new show I Can Make You A Mentalist to Derby’s Guildhall Theatre on Saturday, July 5, from 8pm.

After two live sellout tours, award-winning entertainer Doug Segal is embarking on a brand new comedy mindreading tour that turns the audience into mindreading mentalists.

Expect comedy, animation and interaction as well as mind-blowing miracles performed by you, the audience.

Pushing the boundaries of comedy mindreading, Doug will find a random audience member and turn them into a mindreading mentalist (via the Brainmatiser 3000™). The audience member will perform all the mind reading in the show with Doug simply acting as guide, a feat that has never been done before.

Along with physical and prop-based comedy, animation, live music, Victorian detectives, a Buddhist monk and goats, comedy sketches are also interwoven into the narrative thread. These are both live and also live interaction between pre-recorded video, starring the two people on stage - Doug and the audience member.

Due to the fire at the Assembly Rooms, this show will now take place at the Guildhall. Tickets are £16.25 and can be purchased from the box office on 01332 255800.