Failure is to be celebrated at Quad

quad derby
quad derby

Exhibitions, a film season and an events programme including walks, talks and workshops take place as part of Quad’s new season entitled ‘If at first...’ celebrating failure and its relationship with art, film and life.

The season runs from July 27–October 7 and focuses on celebrating the wonderful art of failure and explores the phenomenon, the successes and its use as a creative tool in art, film and our daily lives.

As a society, we are attuned to achievement being our main objective, yet failure constantly stalks us, leading to unexpected, often positive, outcomes.

The season draws on the work of a range of thinkers, artists, filmmakers and general public offering a positive take on the ideas and strategies that explore the notion of failure as a catalyst for creativity and progress.

Accidently on Purpose is a mixed media group show, exploring the relationship between success and failure by looking at common place materials and repetitive processes.

As well as the exhibition, an online publication and audio project will explore the occurrence of repeating problems, and the strategies for (re)approaching them.

Artefacts of Failure is an exhibition collated from a national open call featuring paintings that were never completed; exhibition proposals that were never realised; rejection letters; broken sculptures; over exposed photographs and any other works that initially weren’t a success. Failure, trial and error is an unavoidable part of any artistic practice; Artefacts of Failure shares the fascinating stories behind creativity and experimentation.

The #EPIC FAIL! film season looks at the comedy of failure and plots some of cinemas’ loveable losers, including the exploits of Ed Wood, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Man In The Moon.

Legendary British Olympic ski-jumper Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards will give an illustrated talk and motivational lecture. One of a long line of great British underdogs who follow their dreams despite failure and never give up trying, Eddie will talk about his inspirational journey to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards talk takes place on Saturday August 4, from 6pm–7.30pm. Tickets are £10, and can be booked through the box office.

The exhibitions are free to visit and more information about the whole event can be found at