Four of the best at Jongleurs

THERE’s four of the best at Jongleurs in Nottingham on Saturday, January 7, courtesy of a quartet of leading comedians.

On the bill at the Thurland Street venue will be Karen Bayley, Barry Dodds, Will-E Robo and Tucker.

Karen Bayley comperes her own clubs in the West Midlands and has appeared on TV and radio on a number of occasions. Her claim to fame is being the only woman to date to win the infamous Gong Show event at the Comedy Store.

Barry Dodds first became a stand-up at the tender age of just 21 and has built up a reputation in recent years for his razor-sharp wit and beguiling delivery, while Will-E Robo is a charismatic comedian whose act is overflowing with energy and ideas.

Finally, Tucker has a naturally laidback style of delivery that pulls in the crowd and has plenty of prestigious TV and theatre appearances to his name.

For more on this event, call Jongleurs on 08700 111960.