Glass-Eye Theatre’s visual feast

The City and Iris
The City and Iris

Glass-Eye Theatre bring their exciting production of The City and Iris to the Guildhall Theatre on Saturday, April 5, at 7.30pm.

The City and Iris is a physical, visual and comic feast and will be the company’s debut at the venue and in Derby. The action centres around Iris (played by Julia Correa) while The City is performed by a talented chorus of five actors.

Without a set, the ensemble create Iris’s world themselves. Ingeniously contorting their bodies and a length of red rope, they become the creaky wardrobe in Iris’s bedroom, the books in the library and the lifelike trees on her walk to work. The ensemble also create all sound effects, from Iris’s radio alarm clock to her rattling commuter train, as well as a ‘soundtrack’ in the form of a recurring and haunting four-part harmony.

Iris’s every day is a haze of grey, and today seems like any other morning. But when her glasses break in a seemingly innocent accident, she finds herself departing on a strange journey through the city she thought she knew. As the city comes to life (thanks to the actors!) in bewildering and thrilling new ways, Iris starts to see the extraordinary all around her - in her co-workers at the library, the prophetic newspaper vendor she passes every day, the ducks in her local pond – and even in herself.

Glass-Eye Theatre specialise in physical storytelling. Hailing from five different countries, the company work collaboratively to create image-based, physical storytelling from scratch. They manipulate objects, bodies and voices to create a unique and enigmatic world of physical theatre.

Cath Johnson, artistic director of Glass-Eye Theatre said: “We’re delighted at the prospect of sharing our own brand of physical storytelling with a wider audience. We can’t wait to perform this uplifting contemporary fairytale for audiences young and old alike to enjoy.”

Call the box office for ticket details on 01332 255800.