Grisly Tales at the Guildhall

Grisly Tales from Tumblewater is the name of a one-man show, to be performed on Saturday, February 22, at Derby’s Guildhall Theatre, starting at 7.30pm.

Performed by Edward Jaspers, it features a determined orphan, a satchel full of spine-chilling stories and a whole lot of rain.

Charles Dickens meets Roald Dahl via Horrible Histories with laughs, frights and live music.

Welcome to Tumblewater. Not that it’s a very welcoming place - unless you’re an undertaker or an umbrella salesman. Caspian Prye, the twisted landowner, controls everything and everyone; even the police.

Into this world stumbles Daniel Dorey, a fearless orphan armed only with his wits and a satchel of spine-chilling stories. Can he bring down Caspian Prye? Can he rescue the girl in the distant room? Can he stay alive to tell his tales?

Edward Jaspers, co-writer of Hamlet! The Musical performs this one-man adaptation of Bruno Vincent’s deliciously dark novel, directed by Caroline Horton.

Tickets are £7.50, available on 01332 255800.