Just what the doctor ordered

Arcade Players in Prescription For Murder
Arcade Players in Prescription For Murder

Arcade Players continue their 75th anniversary programme with a production Prescription For Murder, to be staged at Long Eaton’s Duchess Theatre from April 24-27.

The play is an unusual thriller by Norman Robbins and performances start nightly at 7.30pm.

Prescription For Murder is a murder mystery that simmers gently before reaching a surprising boiling point that will probably leave you thinking “I wasn’t expecting that”.

This production is set in a sleepy Devon village and there, something evil is stirring.

Prescription for Murder doesn’t open with a dead body, so there’s no opportunity to play the role of armchair detective.

With a feeling of murder in the air, it’s not a case of whodunit but who will do it and to whom.

As in all good thrillers, a mysterious stranger keeps finding a reason to drop by and help sow the seeds of suspicion. With the tension mounting the cast steer you in different directions with enough red herrings to create a sumptuous feast.

Purchase your tickets for £6 or (£5 concessions), [Wednesday and Thursday only], via the Ticket Secretary, David Hollingsworth, 2 Manor Court, Risley, Derbyshire, DE72 3SS, or online at www.arcadeplayers.co.uk