Kids revel in the panto cheer

Jack and the Beanstalk at Nottingham Playhouse
Jack and the Beanstalk at Nottingham Playhouse

For a glowing endorsement of the thigh-slapping quality of this year’s Nottingham Playhouse panto, I needed to look no further than the beaming smile across my children’s faces.

It was their first experience of a type of festive theatre that is part of the British DNA.

And at the ages of five and three, Thomas and Emily, revelled in the tradition of Jack And The Beanstalk....laced brilliantly with the portrayal of the Dame by Kenneth Alan Taylor in his 30th outing at the venue.

I don’t need to recap the premise of the time-honoured story of Jack, his sale of Daisy the cow and the impending clime up the beanstalk.

But in Nottingham there are just enough modern twists — and a brilliant portrayal of the towering Giant Blunderbore by Daniel Hoffman-Gill.

John Elkington was outstanding as bad guy Slurp, who was at the hub of a brilliant custard-pie routine that drew plenty of belly laughs from my youngsters.

The title role (not beanstalk!) was ably handled by Rebecca Little, while Anthony Hoggard was sparkling as Mrs Blunderbore.

But for me — and I think many of the audience — one of the most captivating performances came from Tim Frater as Danny. He particularly came to the fore with a high-octane street dance routine which, amazingly, didn’t seem to leave him out of breath as he immediately launched into song afterwards.

All this coupled with outstanding sets and brilliant music resulted in a pure panto cheer......oh yes it did!

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