Laughs galore from Zodiac Theatre Company in this refreshing comedy

From a theatre company who brought a whole heap of drama to the stage in their last two performances came a refreshing little nugget of comic relief in Imaginary Lines last week.

This interesting comedy gem sparkled from the beginning, with the breaking of the fourth wall revealing characters’ thoughts in clever asides to the audience.

One of the reasons the play was so successful was that it was honest, the audience no doubt recognising their own behaviour and thought patterns in the characters as relationships progressed.

Imaginary Lines was very much carried by a fruity performance from Simon Ward - who it was very nice to see out from ‘behind the curtain’ and on to the stage for this production.

Simon played awkward bookshop owner Howard, whose life took a host of twists and turns after meeting Wanda, a complex and exasperating woman, also very well portrayed by Anna Sanderson.

Unlike a lot of amateur comedies, this play was actually funny. And it felt like the humour was infectious. It was the kind of the show that got you irritated.

By no means irritated by the actors or the good comedy timing but by the person sitting behind you accidentally kicking your chair as they laughed harder than they expected.

The play explored the human mind in an effective way, blurring the boundaries between thought and speech, real and imagined.

Light-hearted with a touch of farce, Imaginary Lines was a refreshing comedy with an satisfyingly annoying set of characters.

Zodiac Theatre Company, who performed Imaginary Lines at Mansfield’s Create Theatre, have now well and truly made their mark as all-round not-to-miss performers.