Medium Steve is back

Steve Holbrook
Steve Holbrook

Come and discover for yourself why Steve Holbrook is regarded by many as Britain’s most gifted clairaudient medium when he appears at The Dome in Buxton on May 25.

You can see him on his latest UK tour as he continues to asset that our loved ones don’t die, they simply move on to another dimension.

Steve describes himself as a telephone exchange between this world and the next, and while many mediums see the spirits they connect with, Steve hears them, hence the word clairaudient rather than clairvoyant.

Steve has a down-to-earth, sympathetic approach towards his mediumship, and promises an emotional rollercoaster ride for his audiences, always full of laughter and tears. This is one of the reasons Steve is being promoted all over the country by the UK’s two largest newspaper groups, and is in constant demand to increase his workload due to his popularity.

Over the last few years, Steve has raised tens of thousands of pounds for local charities (notably the hospice movement) and has raised over £50,000 for his local hospice in Wakefield, together with over £5,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support in 2007. He now raises money for PACT, a Sheffield-based charity that helps terminally ill children all over the country who have cancer and leukaemia, and the current running total is £13,400.

To find out what all the fuss is about, check out his performance in Buxton on May 25.