Moore’s the merrier at Guildhall Theatre

Former Humberside Police Sergeant turned stand-up comedian Alfie Moore is appearing at the Guildhall Theatre in Derby on Friday, June 20.

Having since supported comedy heavyweights Sarah Millican, Milton Jones and Russell Kane on tour, and toured his own successful show in 2012, Alfie embarks upon a new UK tour this summer.

He’s also due to be heard in his new BBC Radio 4 comedy series It’s a Fair Cop this summer.

The show draws on Alfie’s 18 years’ experience as a copper on the beat and will involve the audience having to think like a police officer to solve some hilarious scenarios, similar to those Alfie has encountered in real life on the beat.

Sergeant turned stand-up Alfie Moore has seen it all at the front-line of the police force.

Alfie Moore will not only alter your perspective on the ‘boys in blue’, but is guaranteed to have you chuckling from the rafters.

Revealing everything from the mundane to the macabre, Alfie recounts the continually bizarre but always humorous experiences of a modern copper.

The show starts at 8pm and tickets to see this natural-born storyteller in action are available on 01332 255800.