New version of Miss Julie

Felicity Rhys and Adam Redmayne in Miss Julie
Felicity Rhys and Adam Redmayne in Miss Julie

The touring world premiere of an exciting new English translation of Miss Julie by August Strindberg is coming to both Buxton Opera House and Derby’s Guildhall Theatre.

This tale of lust, class conflict and boundaries broken has been developed as part of Strindberg 2012 (the centenary of Strindberg’s death in 1912), and is touring 13 theatres across the UK, including Buxton Opera House on April 30 and the Guildhall Theatre, Derby, on May 8.

It is Midsummer’s Eve, Sweden, 1888. While the servants’ party continues in the barn outside, aristocratic Miss Julie is drawn to the kitchen and to the socially ambitious Jean, her father’s valet.

What starts as a harmless flirtation, soon descends into a ferocious power struggle and battle of the sexes, from which neither can escape.

Banned in the UK for 50 years when first written, Miss Julie shocked critics across Europe with its frank portrayal of sexuality and inter-class relationships in 19th century society.

Now widely regarded as Strindberg’s masterpiece, its vivid depiction of the class system is still as pertinent today, and has received worldwide critical acclaim.

The production’s excellent cast will include Felicity Rhys and Adam Redmayne (pictured).

For Buxton tickets you can call 0845 1272190 and for Derby tickets you can call 01332 255800.