Playing a punk makes actor Tom Hargreaves’ day

Tom Hargreaves
Tom Hargreaves

“This is my first punk that I’ve ever had to play and I’m having a blast doing it,” said actor Tom Hargreaves.

He is on tour in Rock of Ages, a love story set in Los Angeles in the 1980s, in which his character, Joey Primo, ends up as the lead singer of a band.

Tom Hargreaves made up for his role in Rock of Ages

Tom Hargreaves made up for his role in Rock of Ages

“I love the costumes - let’s just say that I wear lots of spikes and leather,” said Tom.

“it takes me normally around half an hour to get ready. It’s quite easy to do now I am used to putting the make-up on. I also have to have my wig fitted and put on my fake tattoos!”

“Rock of Ages is the story of a boy and girl trying to find fame who instead find each other and meet plenty of crazy people on the way with loads of great songs everyone knows and can sing along to!

“We started in Manchester around a month ago and finish in Wimbledon at the end of November.

“The audiences are crazy! I cannot tell you how full the theatres have been and how loud the audience are.“

The show is rocking the house at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal this week which isn’t a million miles away from Clowne where Tom grew up. He cut his teeth in Inspirations Theatre Company before heading off to train at the Italia Conti Academy in London and making his home in the capital.

Rock of Ages rolls into Sheffield’s Lyceum from October 27 to November 1, giving Tom’s family and friends in the area a second chance to see it nearby.

Tom is keeping his options open on the work front for 2015. He said: “I plan to have a nice lovely Christmas after this tour finishes and start the New Year afresh. You never know in this industry.”