Posh comes to Playhouse

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Privilege, politics and free speech are examined in the regional premiere of Laura Wade’s Posh, at Nottingham Playhouse from February 13-28.

As Britain prepares for a General Election, Nottingham Playhouse and Salisbury Playhouse are presenting a timely co-production of Laura Wade’s biting political comedy.

Drawing inspiration from Oxford University’s elitist Bullingdon Club, which counts David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson amongst its former members, Posh is a hilarious and razor-sharp look at the connections between privilege and politics.

After a series of unfavourable press articles forced them to lay low, the ten members of The Riot Club have reunited in a country gastro pub with the aim of getting totally ‘chateaued’. But as the evening progresses and the drink flows, things get disastrously out of hand with the dark side of wealth and excess becoming brutally exposed.

Posh has an all-female creative team and is directed by Susannah Tresilian, designed by Ellan Parry, with sound by Isobel Waller-Bridge, who has composed a specially commissioned requiem for the production, and lighting by Alexandra Stafford-Marshall.

“Political theatre, particularly when it is funny - which this play is - can be at best a source of revolution through entertainment,” said Susannah. “But in the shadow of Charlie Hebdo and Raif Badawi sentenced to 1,000 lashes for promoting free speech in Saudi Arabia, we can only take this satire - and the fact that we can stage it - seriously.

“I look forward immensely to seeing you there, generating that discussion, and exercising our right to speak freely.

Laura Wade’s highly acclaimed play brings into focus the sense of entitlement amongst members of the ruling classes, highlighting what Boris Johnson himself described as “superhuman arrogance, toffishness and twitishness.”

“I’m delighted that Nottingham and Salisbury Playhouses are producing the regional premiere of Posh. No doubt class, privilege and power will continue to be big issues this year, and I look forward to the debate continuing in the theatre foyer,” said Laura. “It’s great that a whole new audience will get to peek behind the door into the heady world of the Riot Club.”

This new co-production is the regional premiere of Posh which opened at the Royal Court in London in 2010 before transferring to the West End two years later. Laura Wade also adapted it for the 2014 film The Riot Club.

For ticket details, you can call the box office on 0115 9419419.