Rebellion the focus of play

The Gramophones Theatre Company will be performing the show Playful Acts of Rebellion at Nottingham Playhouse on March 14-15 and Derby Theatre on March 16.

Inspired by protesters who risk everything for what they believe in, three women decide to take action.

They resolve to stop their ineffectual moaning and complaining and to find playful ways to stand up for what they believe in. Devised by the company, Playful Acts of Rebellion questions what makes something worth the fight, what effect can an individual have and how does trying to change the world end up changing us?

Charting the performers journeys, from unusual concepts to moments of desperation, despair and human triumph, Playful Acts of Rebellion uses exciting visual storytelling to tell three uplifting stories about what it is that makes us act. Using projections, picket signs, ladders and whiteboards, the show animates their honest attempts to fight against injustices. It explores how protest, although difficult can also be joyous.

The Gramophones are an all-female theatre company based in Nottingham.

Hannah Stone, artistic director: “We decided to make a piece of theatre about standing up for what you believe in, because it’s something that everyone can relate to.”

For ticket details, call 0115 9419419 or 01332 593939.