Review: Fame at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre

It’s been around for more than twenty years, but it’s as relevant now as when it started out – though the new Fame, remixed for 2014, shows the kids using iPads and mobile phones, and much of the music and dance routines have been updated.

Some things haven’t changed at all.

Fame at Sheffield Lyceum

Fame at Sheffield Lyceum

It still takes place in New York’s High School of Performing Arts, with live on-stage music and lots of light and colour.

The iconic song is still threaded through the stories.

Some dreams still come true, and others are still shattered.

And of course the teachers are still dedicated, and youngsters are still multi-talented.

Centre stage are Carmen (Jodie Steele), angry with the world and determined to be famous at all costs; illiterate Tyrone (Alex Thomas), whose astonishing talent for dance almost pushes his teacher into breaking the rules and letting him graduate anyway; child star Nick (understudy Aaron James on the first night) who desperately wants to be a real actor; roly-poly Mabel (Molly Stewart), who can’t stop eating; and extrovert Joe (Joseph Giaconi), who can’t bear to be ignored.

Acting, singing and dancing are all the hardest job in the world, say the teachers – and by golly these young performers do work hard; they even move the set around between scenes.

Fame is at Sheffield’s Lyceum till Saturday, April 5, 2014.