Revolution with Andy

Comedian Andy 'Pic - David Bebber
Comedian Andy 'Pic - David Bebber

Enjoy a side-splitting night with one of the best satirical comedians on the circuit when Andy Zaltzman comes to the Darwin Suite at Derby’s Assembly on Saturday, July 7.

The disenfranchised masses of the world have risen against oppression, teamed up with technology, and fought for freedom.

In a joke-packed show encompassing revolutions, economic idiocy, political and social upheaval at home and around the globe, a well-crafted Edith Piaf gag and some puns about dogs, Zaltzman taps his British coffee table in approval, and wonders if he’d have the cast-iron nerve to do likewise.

Tickets to see Armchair Revolutionary, which starts at 8pm, are £11.25. Call the box office for more details on 01332 255800.