Seat dedications for panto stars

Su Pollard
Su Pollard

Stars David Hasselhoff and Barney Harwood have been awarded seat dedications alongside their co-star Su Pollard, to commemorate the Theatre Royal Nottingham’s best-selling pantomime ever.

Su was awarded the theatre’s very first ‘Name a Seat’ plaque in 2008. Her seat, J17 in the Theatre Royal stalls, bears a brass plaque engraved with ‘Su Pollard Queen of the Midlands’, a fact she is very proud of.

“I just think it’s the most beautiful thing because at least it means that you’re going to be in the annals of time for years and years. I was greatly honoured, of course, with it being my home town as well which is so lovely.

“It’s like Jesse Boot. His name’s lived on and I think how nice to have at least made a bit of difference, a contribution to your own town.”

Her co-stars in this year’s smash hit family pantomime Peter Pan, David Hasselhoff and Barney Harwood, are equally thrilled.

David Hasselhoff’s dedication message, which reads ‘David Hasselhoff “Don’t you just love me!” Hoff the Hook Peter Pan 2013’, will be affixed to seat J19 in the stalls of Theatre Royal for the next 25 years. He said: “I hope that the person who sits in this seat will cry, will laugh and will experience emotions and realise that we are all put on this earth to be happy and that’s part of what theatre’s about, to make us feel. Thank you very much. It’s quite an honour.”

Children’s TV presenter, Barney Harwood, wanted his dedication to reflect the iconic title character he played in this year’s pantomime as well as being an inspiration for people visiting in the future.

“His chosen dedication for seat J15 in the stalls reads, ‘Barney Harwood To live would be an awfully big adventure – Anything is possible Peter Pan 2013’.

“At the presentation of his plaque and commemorative certificate he said: “I’m absolutely over the moon. I never thought anything like this would happen to me - I’m just a normal bloke from Blackpool! This is lovely.

“The panto’s done so well, it’s been such an amazing cast and it’s just nice to know that a little bit of me still stays behind after I’m gone.”

Jonathan Saville, director of sales, marketing and development for the Theatre Royal added: “This has been such a fantastic pantomime with one of the friendliest companies we’ve ever had.

“We felt the best way to celebrate this would be to offer David and Barney the opportunity to ‘name a seat’ in the auditorium alongside Su, who of course launched the original campaign for us five years ago. We are delighted they accepted. This has certainly been a very special time for the Theatre Royal.”

The venue’s popular Name a Seat campaign gives anyone the chance to dedicate a seat in either the Theatre Royal or Royal Concert Hall for a minimum donation of £250 with a dedication plaque affixed to their chosen seat for a period of 25 years and a commemorative certificate to keep forever.

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