Paul Sinha
Paul Sinha

One of the country’s leading stand-up performers is to appear at the latest Stagefright Comedy Club event, held at The Fishpond in Matlock Bath on Wednesday, March 19.

Paul Sinha will be part of a line-up that also features Adam Rower, Mark Williams, Dave Marshall and your regular compere Anthony J Brown.

Paul Sinha is the If.Comedy Award-nominated star of his own Radio 4 series Paul Sinha’s Citizenship Test.

He has also featured on 7 Day Sunday, Just A Minute, The Paul Sinha Test, Loose Ends, The Alternative Comedy Experience and Fighting Talk amongst numerous others, and is one of the ‘chasers’ on ITV’s quiz show The Chase.

As well as that, he’s a wonderfully witty stand-up with memorable turns of phrase and a refreshingly passionate approach to his varied subject matter.

Adam Rowe started performing stand-up in June 2010 at the age of just 18. A little over a year later, he was named Liverpool Comedian of the Year, which led to him leaving his bar job and becoming a full-time comic.

A likeable character both on and off stage, Adam has quickly established himself as one of the brightest young talents in the country. His observational and anecdotal comedy is accessible to audiences of all ages.

It’s always honest, creative and most importantly hilarious.

Mark Williams is a Beat The Frog Winner and Rawhide Raw Winner while Dave Marshall is a Leeds-born wit with hilarious tales of his club rep past.

Compere Anthony J Brown is clad in a sartorially edifying manner, like a dapper and dandy funeral director, and cuts a unique on-stage presence with humour blacker than a raven that’s slammed it’s claw in a coffin lid.

Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. Admission is £6 in advance or £8 on the door.

Call 01629 581 529.