Stormy tale in store for Belper audience

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The Storm Bride: A Fairy Tale For A Fragile Planet is to be performed at Number 28 community hall in Belper on Saturday, February 25.

Written and performed by the returning Marty Ross, this is the story of a billionaire who has fracked his way to a newly discovered energy source in the Scottish Highlands.

But the substance in question has caused an environmental catastrophe - and supernatural forces in the valley are demanding payment in kind for the damage done to their ancient territory, in a very modern variation on traditional tales of fairy abduction etc.

It’s a ‘once upon a time’ tale for the Trump era (the first scene even features an Alaskan pipeline).

Whether interested in these issues or simply looking for a thrilling theatrical treat, head to No. 28, based on the Market Place in Belper.

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You can bring your own drinks to a performance that starts at 7.30pm.