Take a trip back to 40s

1940s weekend at Crich Tramway Village
1940s weekend at Crich Tramway Village

Imagine what it would be like if you were to step back nearly 70 years to a time where you need to have your tin hat and gas mask with you as there could be an air raid at almost any time.

Policemen and members of the Home Guard will be patrolling the streets and you must always be ready to show your identity card or risk being arrested as a spy.

Well, you don’t need to imagine this if you visit Crich Tramway Village during its special 1940s Weekend on August 11-12.

The village will be reliving the period, complete with military and civilian re-enactors, air-raid warnings and the sound of low flying aircraft, and even Mr Churchill will be paying a visit to provide a boost in morale. Plus, if you dress up in 1940s clothes admission is only £8.

You can wander around the period street and take a look at how life carried on during wartime Britain.

Take as many rides as you wish on one of the vintage trams running amid the period vehicles, and you can watch and listen to the wide variety of 40s music being performed in the New Garrison Theatre.

There will also be a variety of military and home front displays, but do beware the spivs selling black market goods.

And if you get hungry, you can always treat yourself to a meal in the Red Lion. But be prepared for a restricted menu…there is a war on.

Tracey Reader, event organiser, said: “The 1940s weekend promises to be a feast of nostalgia for those who lived through the war and an entertaining and enlightening insight into war-time conditions for those too young to remember. Veterans from all regiments will be in attendance willing to share their stories.”

Crich Tramway Village is open from 10am both days until 10pm on Saturday, August 11, and 6pm on Sunday, August 12. Call the information line for more details on 01773 854321.