Taking a trip through time

The Nods Theatre Company will be performing Alan Ayckbourn’s Communicating Doors from November 20-23 at Derby’s Guildhall Theatre.

David Bloodworth who is directing the play explained: “Communicating Doors has been a enjoyable and challenging play to develop and perfect, as it cannot be divided neatly into individual scenes, but continues to move seamlessly to and fro across several time zones - May 1974, October 1994 and July 2014. It takes place in the same hotel suite at the Regal Hotel throughout the performance.

“Although Communicating Doorsmay sound like science fiction this is very much secondary within the story. Through the interaction of these characters one finds warmth, friendship, love, marriage, deceit and betrayal in this optimistic message that suggests that if we could foresee the future then maybe we could change it!”

Tickets cost £8.50 (concessions £7.50) on 01332 255800.