Thomas acts up at Broadway

Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas

Comedian Mark Thomas brings his 100 Acts of Minor Dissent tour to Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema on Friday, May 2.

Over the decades, Mark Thomas has poked his nose into enough things to cause a politician to resign, arms deals to collapse, reform inheritance tax law, force the odd multinational to clean up its act a little and accidentally become Guinness World Record holder for political protests.

Following his critically acclaimed, award-winning and deeply personal theatre show Bravo Figaro, Mark is back to doing what he does best; mischief. On May 13, 2013 Mark set himself the task of committing 100 Acts of Minor Dissent in the space of a year and, on the stroke of midnight on May 13, 2014 the task will end. The show is his catalogue of those acts from the smallest action to grand confrontations.

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