Thought-provoking tale from top writer

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The Nottingham-based New Perspectives Theatre perform Athol Fugard’s Playland at Holloway’s Florence Nightingale Memorial Hall on Sunday, March 8, from 7.30pm.

Playland is an inspiring piece of theatre written by one of the world’s greatest playwrights.

In the heart of rural South Africa, a travelling amusement park has opened its gates.

With the country in the grips of a brutal apartheid regime, the park promises an evening of thrills and laughter.

Martinus, a black South African, is the amusement park’s night-watchman. Gideon, who is a white Afrikaner, and ex-serviceman, has come along for a good night out.

When they find themselves face to face, their encounter is charged with history and danger.

Athol Fugard is one of the world’s most performed living playwrights, renowned as being a fearless chronicler of South Africa and its troubled history.

Playland is one of his most personal and yet rarely performed plays.

It is gripping, comic and deeply moving.

This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the work of one of the world’s top playwrights on your doorstep, performed the acclaimed New Perspectives group.

Please note that the play contains strong language and descriptions of a violent and sexual nature.

Details and tickets for the forthcoming performance of Playland in Holloway are available from Dave on 01773 856545.