Thriller season is off to a lively start

Some people will do anything to get on the telly but they should be careful what they wish for.

Certainly the seven strangers hired by an obscure TV company via the internet for a reality show get more than they bargained for at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal.

It all makes for a lively start to The Colin McIntyre Classic Thriller season, which began this week with Mary Elliott Nelson’s Murder Live!

Here is a fresh take on the usual drawing room collection of suspects in the Home Counties.

This time, the group meet at secluded Tessilick House on Spriggan Island, off the Cornish coast.

There are no mobile phones or internet access. Only a boatman and a representative from the TV company (who knows little more than they do) are on hand.

They have their own tales to tell and soon discover they have all been hired to take part in a different type of show.

Are they on live or not?

And is there a two-way mirror? And what are these ten rules of the house which must not be broken?

As the body count rises, with a nod in the direction of Agatha Christie - there’s a nice line of “And then there was one” - we get deeper into the mystery of just why all this is happening.

In the manner of such plays, credibility is stretched to the limit and there are elements of tongue-in-cheek.

But interest is maintained throughout and nobody will want to leave until the identity of the culprit is revealed.

Susan Earnshaw, Karen Henson, Adrian Lloyd-James, Al Naed and Jeremy Lloyd-Thomas are old favourites from past seasons and Susie Hawthorne returns after 18 years.

Newcomer Angie Smith, Chris Sheridan and Sarah Wynne-Kordas complete the cast.