thrilling take on macbeth

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Derby Theatre plays host to a production of Macbeth from April 21-25.

Tara Arts in association with Queen’s Hall Arts & Black Live present a thrilling and contemporary version of Shakespeare’s play.

One of the Bard’s darkest and most powerful tragedies, Macbeth is here accompanied by live music. Tara Arts’ urban Shakespeare is set in a modern Asian family, where ambition, treachery and mystical prophecy compete to deadly effect.

Desire, disloyalty, murder... Maharaj Duncan Singh’s empire is under threat. His cousin Macbeth savagely puts down the rebellion and is then ambushed by three Weird Sisters who predict greater glory.

When Duncan decides to hand over the crown to his son, Macbeth begins his bloody road to power.

Three outrageous hijras (drag queens in India and Pakistan) cook up an explosive brew of treachery, ambition and passion, setting an Asian family off on a path of bloody self-destruction. Tara Arts brings Indian movement and music to Shakespeare’s text, offering a powerful and contemporary take on his darkest play.

Robert Mountford stars as Macbeth, with Shaheen Khan as Lady Macbeth in a production that is recommended for those aged 12 and over.

Tara Arts People, Words & Art: Connecting Worlds is committed to cross-cultural theatre. Tara is currently developing its base in south London into the first-ever national centre for cross-cultural theatre. The new Tara Theatre is to open in autumn 2015.

Black Live is a pioneering national consortium of eight regional theatres led by Tara Arts, committed to effecting change for BAME touring theatre through a sustainable three-year programme of national touring, structural support and audience development.

Call 01332 255800 for tickets.