Time to sample classic piece of science fiction

The Time Machine''Photo copyright Shelagh Bidwell
The Time Machine''Photo copyright Shelagh Bidwell

The Time Machine is a classic piece of science fiction and it can be seen in a stage version at Derby’s Guildhall Theatre on Wednesday, July 16, from 7.30pm.

The play is set in 1895. In a suburban garden, beneath a waning moon, a man lies dazed beside a remarkable machine. He has a story to tell. An unbelievable story about the future that he insists is true. Is it a joke? A prophecy? A dream?

HG Wells’s novella The Time Machine first popularised the concept of time travel in literature, and has influenced generations of subsequent writers and artists. The machine itself is the forerunner of Dr Who’s Tardis, Marty McFly’s DeLorean and Hawkwind’s Silver Machine.

The book has inspired dozens of sequels, spin-offs and comic book adaptations, has been filmed twice by Hollywood and has retained a prominent position in the public imagination, even if much of Wells’s original narrative has been forgotten.

This classic is brought thrillingly and vividly to life by Robert Lloyd Parry of Nunkie Theatre Company in a new, one-man show that returns to the brilliantly imaginative, ground-breaking source.

Tickets are priced at £13 and can be purchased on 01332 255800.