Visual feast in gripping new play

COTTON Grass Theatre and Damselfly Arts will be presenting three performances of Street Child, an exciting new play by Berlie Doherty.                                                     

The first two are at Buxton Opera House on Friday, May 20, and Saturday, May 21, and then at the Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale, on Friday, June 3. This gripping play tells the story of Jim Jarvis, a true life Victorian orphan surviving the dangerous and lonely streets of London. It is brought to life in a visual feast of shadow theatre, music and storytelling, with a cast of three actors and life size puppets.

Based on Berlie Doherty’s novel, Street Child, this engaging and poignant family show takes you on a journey of Jim’s adventures and his eventual meeting with Dr Barnardo, who was later inspired to set up the famous ragged schools and charity homes.

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