Derbyshire fire chiefs urge people stay safe this bonfire night

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Derbyshire fire chiefs have urged people to have a fun but safe bonfire night on Thursday.

They say while the night can be colourful and spectacular, fun celebrations can soon turn to disaster if safety advice is not followed.

For those having a private bonfire party at home they have issued precuationary advice which can help ensure that everyone enjoys the celebrations without injury or harm.

Group manager, Paul Hawker, said: “We all know that fireworks can be great fun if handled responsibly, however, accidents can and do happen. Last year the Service saw a 44% increase in the number of emergency calls during the bonfire night celebration period.

“An out of control bonfire or a stray firework can soon lead to disaster. I would therefore encourage everyone wanting to enjoy the festivities, to attend an organised display where they can relax and enjoy the spectacle safely and without risk.”

For more information about keeping safe on bonfire night, please visit